SAEN Tea is a tea brand created only with carefully selected domestic tea leaves and natural flavors such as essential oils and organic spices.

Essence we Value

domestic tea leaves

The teas made with care by each tea garden are unique and valuable. We were fascinated by the world of domestic tea, and created the taste of SAEN Tea by selecting not only green tea, but also black tea and oolong tea from tea gardens all over the country.

flavors of natural ingredients

"Tea that feels like it gently envelops you when you drink it" is the taste that we at SAEN Tea aim for. In order to realize that taste, it became a very important essence to use natural fragrances that blend in with the body when taken in.

Discerning manufacturing method

SAEN Tea is produced in small batches. The reason is that we do everything ourselves, from purchasing raw materials to blending. It is necessary to assess the taste of the ingredients each time and make fine adjustments each time in order to maintain the delicate taste.



For shipping charges

Except for products with free shipping, up to 3 bags of products will be delivered by post for 250 yen nationwide. In addition, all deliveries of 4 bags or more (single items, not sets) and canned products are delivered by courier service, and a stipulated delivery fee is charged for each area. See here for details.

About packing

SAEN Tea considers the environment and tries to use simple packaging. Therefore, products in cans and set products in an outer box will be delivered in a delivery bag instead of cardboard. In addition, we currently do not offer gift wrapping, and can only handle Noshi-kake. Thank you for your understanding.