About SAEN Tea

About SAEN Tea

SAEN Tea is a tea brand that uses only tea leaves selected from domestic tea gardens and natural fragrances such as essential oils and spices.
The tea, which contains various aromas brought about by nature, is gentle and enveloping. We will deliver a cup of tea that will bring moisture not only to your body but also to your heart.

what we want to deliver

What we want to deliver is a luxurious time spent drinking SAEN Tea.
I don't think the word "luxury" is used only for expensive things.
When you eat rice made with care using seasonal ingredients, when you soak up to your shoulders in a freshly boiled bath, when you see beautiful scenery that you don't usually get to see while traveling... Don't you have a moment when you mutter "It's a luxury"?
I believe that it is important in our daily lives to have such “luxury moments” that cannot be measured by monetary value alone.

It may be called self-love.

| Origin of the brand name

SAEN Tea is named after the Zen word ``saen eijitsu kanbashi''.

This word expresses such a calm scene as "amidst the bright sunshine of spring, the smoke and fragrant aroma of tea rises all day long."
When I first heard this word and imagined the scene, I thought what a satisfying time was flowing there.

I hope that you can enjoy a cup of tea like that in your busy life, and have a time to calm down and feel that "this is a luxurious time." And I hope that SAEN Tea can make such time even richer.
We are making tea with such a wish.

Commitment to taste

A deep taste is a feature of SAEN Tea.
The materials used for fragrances are carefully selected to be clear and free of unpleasant flavors, but if you use only natural fragrances, it can sometimes become monotonous.
Therefore, by using tea leaves with outstanding aroma and umami, the aroma is complicated and the taste is finished with depth.

From the moment you put the tea in your mouth, after it goes down your throat, and even when the tea left in the cup has cooled down. We blend so that you can feel the deliciousness of each stage.

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About the manufacturing method

SAEN Tea is produced in small batches.
The reason for this is that we do everything ourselves, from purchasing raw materials such as tea leaves and spices to blending.
Many tea plantations in Japan tend to be smaller in area than those in other countries, and it is not uncommon for the amount of tea leaves that can be harvested for each variety to be small.
In addition, because all the ingredients we handle are natural, the taste differs depending on the season and harvest timing, even if they are made in the same land.
Look them up each time It is necessary to make fine adjustments each time in order to maintain the delicate taste.
| Reason for tea bags
We want SAEN Tea to be a tea that can be easily brewed by anyone, no matter how tired they are.
With that in mind, you don't have to measure the number of grams of tea leaves or the temperature of the hot water, just drop the tea bag into the cup, pour boiling water and wait a few minutes to make it delicious. increase.
Feel free to enjoy your life with tea.

Label design secrets

taste sheet
The SAEN Tea label design looks like a mosaic.
Actually, this is a matrix diagram that classifies flavors and drinking comfort.
Vertical axis: feeling when drinking
(Upper is refreshed, lower is relaxed)
Horizontal axis: Impression of flavor
(Rich on the left, clear on the right)
And by placing color pixels that represent each type of tea at the point you point, you can get an image of the taste.
Please take a look at the label of each tea again.