What payment methods are accepted?

 We accept credit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

When will I receive my order?

 Usually, we deliver within 10 days after your order is placed.

 If there is a delay due to bad weather, delivery company reasons, or other reasons, we will notify you by e-mail or other means.

What are the delivery charges?

 Please refer to the following.

 For bagged products: Free shipping nationwide.

 For products in bags of 3 or less: 250 yen (tax included)

 For more than 1 canned product or more than 4 bagged products (single item, not a set): Based on Yamato Transport's shipping rates from Tokyo.

Can I specify the date and time of arrival?

 We are sorry, but we cannot accept delivery date and time requests because the items are delivered by post.

 For Yamato Transport deliveries ( orders of 1 or more canned products or 4 or more bagged products), we will specify the earliest possible date and time for delivery.

What is the packing format of your products?

 Please refer to the following.

 For orders of 3 or less bagged products : A thin box that can be posted in the mailbox.

 For orders of 4or more canned or bagged products: Delivery bag

Can you issue a receipt or delivery note?

 We are promoting a paperless system.

 Please download them from the order management screen or the notification e-mail.

Please download it from the order management screen or the notification e-mail. Do you offer gift wrapping or noshi wrapping?

 Currently, we do not offer gift wrapping.

 However, we can attach a noshi (a small gift wrapped in a gift box) to the canned products in the outer box. Please select the option on the product page.

Can you ship the product as a gift so that the price is not shown?

 We do not include a price list with the package. Please be assured of this.

Do you accept returns or exchanges?

 We do not accept anyorder modification, cancellation,return, or exchange forcustomer's convenience after the order has been confirmed, except for cases where the product is defective.

  For more details, please refer to the " Notice based on the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions " here.

Do you sell wholesale?

 For wholesale, OEM, and other corporate-related inquiries, please contact us using this form.