Our Philosophy

What we value

The reason why SAEN Tea sticks to domestic tea leaves


We focus on domestic tea leaves and manufacture using various types of tea leaves such as green tea, black tea, and oolong tea.

In general, when it comes to tea made in Japan, the image of green tea is strong. In the past, it was common to sell tea leaves that were blended from multiple varieties in order to maintain the quality of the taste. There are more and more places that are handling it as ".

Also, depending on the tea plantation, there is a wide variety of domestically produced tea, such as the production of so-called ``Japanese black tea, local black tea,'' and the production of ``semi-fermented tea,'' such as oolong tea. It is showing a wide spread.

Although the distribution volume is still small, it is a very challenging initiative, and above all, the tea made with the attention to detail of each tea farm is unique and valuable.

We were fascinated by the world of domestic tea, and selected the ones that we thought were "really delicious" from a variety of tea leaves to create a blend that can only be found at SAEN Tea.

Why we use natural fragrances


We feel that natural ingredients such as essential oils and spices will blend in seamlessly with your body when you take them into your body.

“I want to make a tea that feels like it gently envelops you when you drink it.”

With that in mind, it was very important to use natural fragrances.

| Incorporate essential oils into your life

    The sense of smell, through which humans perceive scents, is the only one of the five senses that is transmitted directly to the brain, and it is said that scents have a great impact on the mind and body.
    In addition, it is said that the aroma of essential oils that we use for fragrance has a relaxing effect and strengthens the immune function.
    We believe that by skillfully incorporating essential oils into your life, along with tea, you will be able to adjust your emotions.

    SAEN Tea to enjoy with sweets and meals  


    Tea and meal times are important in our daily lives. How do you choose your tea?

    We want you to enjoy the synergistic effect of tea in the same way that you enjoy pairing wine or sake with ingredients.

    With that in mind, we are promoting the development of SAEN Tea, with one of SAEN Tea's guiding principles: "When paired with a meal, the tea will make the meal even more enjoyable."

    Why don't you enjoy a more delicious time with tea that matches the ingredients of the day?

    Recommended pairings are also introduced on the product page of each tea, so please take a look.